Several disadvantages and complications of vegetarian diet

What are the effects of vegetarian diets in their health? What kind of difficulties and complications appear by following this diet. How can we treat them? What recommendations should be considered in this field. The experts believe that people should intake proportional and balanced nutritious of plant and animal food together, in order to prevent deficiency of body. All of the walls in body containing of red blood cell, and brain and nerve cells, are rich in animal cholesterol and plant food can’t produce this cholesterol, enough.[videoadplayer id=”925″]  [videoadplayer id=”764″] As a result, the cells can’t repaired and become brittle, gradually. Vitamin B12 is a micro nutrient which can’t be found in any plant foods. Fish, meat, eggs, and dairy products are the rich sources of vitamin D. In addition, lack of this vitamin, leads to weakness, fatigue, mental disorders and Alzheimer’s disease. Amin acid, arginine, creatin, and carnosine are available in animal sources of vitamin D, which deficiency of this vitamin also leads to cancer, osteoporosis, and depression, which is found only in meat. The only consumption of plant foods resulted a lack of vitamins such as E and A, and gradually leads to premature aging, cancer, and blindness among the people.

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