Prolong and continuous sitting and potential adverse consequences

Long time sitting causes numbness and weakness of our muscles. Laziness in motion and activity is a consequence of prolonged sitting. Then, it’s better to prevent injuries comes from long time sitting. Most people feel guilty after extended sitting and being damaged to their bodies and experiencing back or neck pain. In addition, people don’t sit right and principled and this type of false sitting, expose irreparable to the body and spine. If it’s continued and prolonged. Long time sitting during the day, [videoadplayer id=”903″] [videoadplayer id=”829″] also affects the brain and make cells to be lazy. It also causes muscle atrophy and as well as damage to bones and muscles in the buttocks. Most of people expend their times, as they’re sitting behind a computer or in front of TV. While if there aren’t the standard chairs for sitting, damages would be more serious. In addition prolonged sitting during the day, makes this group muscles lose their strength and become lazy and your spine would be changed into bent condition and expose pressure to your lungs and may occur difficulties in breathing and cause undermine in circulatory system. Generally, prolonged sitting causes weight gain, depression, stress, increased risk of cancer, cardiovascular problems, back, neck and shoulder pain and swelling clogged and increase the risk of diabetes.

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