Prevention of harming to kidneys

The kidneys play a crucial role in the body and it’s better to take care of their health and don’t allow to get into different trouble and problem. Kidney function simply is garbage a disposal of body, kidney purify about 200 liters of blood. Direct result of increasing overweight and obesity, leads to diabetes and hypertension. Kidney diseases, which is the main health challenges in the worldwide, have affected many people around the world each year. You can prevent of damaging kidneys with some effective methods,[videoadplayer id=”1218″]

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while the health care of them, depends on a few simple solutions which we briefly explain about them.
1_ Don’t take arbitrary any medication
2_ Check regularly, your blood sugar.
Diabetes is the major cause of damage to kidneys, then regular control of blood sugar and using glucose- lowering drugs under medical supervision is necessary.
3_ Keep your blood pressure in normal range, because the high blood pressure is the most important factor to damage kidneys.
4_ Eat healthy foods.
5_ Drink enough water.
6_ Don’t smoke.
7_ Reduce your weight.
8_ Have adequate mobility.
The most common symptoms of kidney failure include:
1_ Nausea and vomiting.
2_ Reducing the amount of urine.
3_ Swelling, especially in the ankle and around the eyes.
4_ Unpleasant taste in the mouth.
5_ Chronic fatigue. 6_ Shortness of breath. 7_ Observation of blood in urine. 8_ Loss of appetite. 9_ Create skin lesions 10_ losing memory.

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