Most golden methods for development of self- confidence and belief in children

Build confidence in children may seem a little difficult, but this feeling, prepares the foundations for your children’s future. When they should experience new things, alone. If you want to increase your child’s confidence, note the following points: 1- Create a kind of game, for example, create a sentence in turn and fill in the blanks with your child. 2- Prepare a table that shows amount of growth amount of your child.[videoadplayer id=”978″] [videoadplayer id=”725″] 3- Throw away old clothes of children and say, how have your child become big. 4- Tell your child, that his work is very important, also it may be unimportant. 5- Hang the framed photos of his childhood time on the wall.
6- Prepare a balance, in order to weight him regularly.
7- Tell him to express his feelings and record it.
8- Play with your child, with puppets in order to your child express ideas in the form of characters of puppets.
9- Encourage and help your child to create a photo magazine.
10- Give a pillow to your child to punish others on it.
11- Let him to help you in simple tasks at home.

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