More useful important fruits for facial beauty

Some fruits have the positive and useful effect on our skin and enhances the elegance and beauty of our skin . We want to say about the unique properties of them on facial skin : Follow us to be aware of these fruits , There are many people who like use natural ingredients instead of cosmetics to improve skin and hair . By reforming on regime and diet and getting help of natural nutrients , You can main-fold their effect on your skin and hair health .  [videoadplayer id=”703″]  [videoadplayer id=”702″] Use apple to treat yourself : It’s said that eating one apple a day , delays the skin aging process . You can also rub the apple juice on your skin and wash it after 10 minutes .Smoothen wrinkles with beets : This fruit is rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins which prevent wrinkles . Then eat baked beet to keep your skin clear and pink color . Transparency of skin with carrots . How to use : mix raw carrots with other vegetables as salad also carrots can be cooked in various foods , drinking carrot juice is also rich in fiber which make your skin beautifully . Lemon skin rejuvenation elixir , Clarifying the skin with pumpkin , Whithen your skin with strawberries , skin cleansing with spinach , Aloe Vera , Skin beauty myth .


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