Know the natural shampoos

In order to prevent the complications of industrial shampoos you can replace them by choosing appropriate and natural of them . Fans of traditional medicine will increase day by day , because most of us have seen the consequences of chemical usage . One of the benefits of using natural alternatives is maintaining hair quality , when using shampoo castrate it. Some of the chemicals in shampoo which causes disadvantages : Di Exxon : A chemical composition that is said it causes cancer . [videoadplayer id=”1004″] [videoadplayer id=”673″] Scent : The different fragrance in shampoo indicated containing different composition of chemicals in it . Laureth sulfat : This substance is considered as an active surface substance, that is used in many synthetic detergents such as soap ,shampoo and tooth paste . It is associated with itchy scalp . We recommend you to be familiarized with some of the most useful natural hair .Washing :1-Baking Soda : Pour into a pressure bottle with a ratio of one to three with water . If your hair is long , make three times the amount of baking soda and water . This combination is used for wet and dry hair . Apply the composition on your hair from root to the end and let it stay for a few minutes on it . Then wash your hair with warm water .2- Wash hair with vinegar : To prepare it , mix apple cider vinegar or white vinegar with four times amount of water Of course you can add to it some some of peppermint oil , Lavender or rosemary This will reduce the smell of vinegar . Then apply it on your hair and wait for a short time , then wash hair with cold water

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