How can we strengthen our intelligence and memory?

If Intelligence is flexible and there are many things that strengthen it. There are some daily activities which lead you to have a smarter mind, in below list.
1- Drink two glasses of water within 30 minutes after waking up.
2- Read summary of a book, during eating breakfast.
3- Drink green tea, when you’re working.
4- Take a nap along the day.It has been proved that taking a nap, increases learning speed.
5- Don’t eat sugar during the day.
6- Do computer games, instead of watching TV or movies.
7- Do a few simple exercises along the
8- Spend your time with smarter persons.
9- Talk to persons who are opposite with you.
10- Walk in nature: This action contains some benefits.
– The human would be relaxed in midst of plants.
– Walking is useful for your blood circulation.
11-Spent 10 minutes for planning for tomorrow.
12- Have a notebook with yourself and record all of your important events.
13- Read books instead of watching TV.

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