Difference between successful and unsuccessful managers, Due to surveys of the authentic journal which called ” Business Insider”

The valid American journal ” business inside” released an interview with 8 persons of famous and successful managers. They explained about their experiences in management in their companies, which could be applied and used by young managers as an informative and valuable experiences. In this article we explain about these important differences:_ Successful managers, welcomed making changes, but unsuccessful managers are afraid of changes.  _ Successful managers speak about ideas and thoughts but other group speak about people.[videoadplayer id=”950″]  [videoadplayer id=”867″]  _ Successful group, accept their responsibilities about their mistakes, but the other group, blame others, because of the mistakes that they have committed themselves.
_ The first group, are continually learning, but the other group continue with what they have learned in the past.
_ Those who are successful, share their success with others, but unsuccessful managers, record the success of others to their own name.
_ Those who are successful will be happy, when they see the success of others, but the other group wish the failure of others.
_ The first group, firstly listen then speak, but the second group are always speaking.
_ The successful group, maintain their positive view, but the other group have the negative view.

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